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Christoph Rott, Ph.D., Psychologist, Senior Research Scientist and Lecturer

Institute of Gerontology
Heidelberg University
Bergheimer Str. 20
69115 Heidelberg

e-mail: christoph.rott[at]gero.uni-heidelberg.de


Dr. Rott has retired.

• 1982 Diplom (M.A. equivalent) in Psychology, Heidelberg University
• 1992 Ph.D. in Psychology, Heidelberg University

Work and Research Interests
• Oldest old (especially centenarians)
• Functional health (especially mobility) in old age
• Cognitive performance in old age
• Physical activity in old age
• Health promotion and prevention (especially risk reduction of dementia)
• Short-term variability of functioning and affect in very old age
• Psychological strengths in very old age
• Demography

Second Heidelberg Centenarian Study (Co-Principal Investigator)
• Evaluation of the Heidelberg Senior Citizen Centers (funded by the City of Heidelber; 2008; Primary
• Active in Heidelberg - in cooperation with the network “Increasing Lifelong Physical Activity” (funded by
the city of Heidelberg; 2008; Primary Investigator)
Heidelberg Centenarian Study (since 2000; Principal Investigator)
• Heidelberg Diary Study (since 2002; Primary Investigator)
• Aging Independently in Arheilgen (funded by the city of Darmstadt - City of Science; 2005-2006; Co-Primary Investigator)

• Longevity
• Physical activity
• Diagnostics
• Statistics and methodology

Further Professional Expertise and Activities
• Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the “Applied Gerontology” programme, University of
Mannheim, Department of Social Work
• Member of the Heidelberg Network “Increasing Lifelong Physical Activity”

Prof. Dr. Matthias Kliegel, Institut of Educational Psychology and Developmental Psychology, Technical
University of Dresden
Prof. Dr. Frank Oswald, Institute of Psychology, University of Heidelberg
• PD Dr. Katharina Meyer, Swiss Health Observatory and Medical Faculty, University of Bern, Switzerland
Prof. Leonard W. Poon, Ph.D., UGA Institute of Gerontology, The University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA
Prof. Peter Martin, Ph.D., Gerontology Program, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, USA

Selected Publications

Jopp, D., Rott, C. & Oswald, F. (2008). Valuation of life in old and very old age: The role of socio-demographic, social, and health resources for positive adaptation. The Gerontologist, 48, 646-658.

Rott, C., & Wozniak, D. (2008). Warum leben manche länger [Why do some people live longer?] In W. D. Oswald, G. Gatterer & U. M. Fleischmann (Eds.), Gerontopsychologie (2nd expanded and updated edition, pp. 213–236). Vienna, New York: Springer.

Mollenkopf, H., & Rott, C. (2008). Veränderungen der Mobilität im Alter [Changes in mobility in old age]. In W. Heiß (Ed.), Altersmedizin aktuell (6. Suppl. 8/07, pp. 1–17). Landsberg: ecomed.

Rott, C. (2008). Selbständigkeit in einer Gesellschaft des langen Lebens - die Rolle von körperlicher Aktivität [Independence in a society of long life – the role of physical activity]. In F. Mess, D. Dugandzic & A. Woll (Eds.), Erfolgreiches Altern durch Sport (pp. 9–33). Constance: UVK Verlagsgesellschaft.

Martin, P., Kliegel, M., Rott, C., Poon, L. W., & Johnson, M. A. (2008). Age differences and changes of coping behavior in three age groups: Findings from the Georgia Centenarian Study. International Journal of Aging & Human Development, 66, 97–114.

Rott, C., & Jopp, D. (2006). Subjective well-being in centenarians. Global Ageing: Issues and Action, 4, 52–62.

Jopp, D., & Rott, C. (2006). Adaptation in very old age: Exploring the role of resources, beliefs, and attitudes for centenarians’ happiness. Psychology and Aging, 21, 266–280.

Rott, C., & Jopp, D. (2006). Langlebigkeit [Longevity]. In W. D. Oswald, U. Lehr, C. Sieber & J. Kornhuber (Eds.), Gerontologie. Medizinische, psychologische und sozialwissenschaftliche Grundbegriffe [Fundamental terms of gerontology. medical, psychological and social science] (3rd fully revised edition, pp. 237–241). Stuttgart: Kohlhammer.

Wahl, H.-W., Brenner, H., Mollenkopf, H., Rothenbacher, D., & Rott, C. (Eds.). (2006). The many faces of health, competence and well-being in old age: Integrating epidemiological, psychological and social perspectives: Springer: Printed in the Netherlands.

Rott, C., Jopp, D., d'Heureuse, V., & Becker, G. (2006). Predictors of well-being in very old age. In H.-W. Wahl, H. Brenner, H. Mollenkopf, D. Rothenbacher & C. Rott (Eds.), The many faces of health, competence and well-being in old age: Integrating epidemiological, psychological and social perspectives (pp. 119–129): Springer: Printed in the Netherlands.

Rott, C. (2004). Demografie des hohen und sehr hohen Alters [Demography of old and very old age]. In A. Kruse & M. Martin (Eds.), Enzyklopädie der Gerontologie: Alternsprozesse in multidisziplinärer Sicht [Encyclopedia of Gerontology: Aging processes from a multidisciplinary point of view] (pp. 51–65). Bern: Huber.

Rott, C., d'Heureuse, V., Kliegel, M., Schönemann, P., & Becker, G. (2001). Die Heidelberger Hundertjährigen-Studie: Theoretische und methodische Grundlagen zur sozialwissenschaftlichen Hochaltrigkeitsforschung [The Heidelberg Centenarian Study: Theoretical and methodological foundations of psychosocial research in the oldest old]. Zeitschrift für Gerontologie und Geriatrie, 34, 356–364.

Martin, P., Rott, C., Hagberg, B., & Morgan, K. (Eds.). (2000). Centenarians: Autonomy versus dependence in the oldest old. Springer: New York.


Selected Presentations

Rott, C. & Jopp, D. (2009, November). Persons or places – Are social interactions and going to favorite places similar sources for well-being in very old age? Paper presented at the 62nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America, Atlanta, GA, USA.

Jopp, D., Rott, C., Oswald, F. & Chajewski, M. (2009, November). Self-efficacy in young-old, old-old, and centenarians: Mean levels and predictors. Paper presented at the 62nd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America, Atlanta, GA, USA.

Jopp, D., Rott, C. & Oswald, F. (2009, Juli). Self-efficacy in young-old, old-old, and cennarians. Paper presented at the 19th IAGG World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Paris, France.

Rott, C., Jopp, D. & Oswald, F. (2008, Juli). Valuation of life in old and very old age: Shifting importance of resources. Paper presented at the 29th International Congress of Psychology, Berlin, Germany.

Rott, C., & Jopp, D. (2007, September). Körperlich gebrechlich, aber psychisch resilient – Prädiktoren der positiven Anpassung von Hundertjährigen [Physically frail but psychologically robust – predictors of positive adaptation in centenarians]. Paper presented at the 18. Tagung der Fachgruppe Entwicklungspsychologie, Heidelberg, Germany.

Rott, C., Hieber, A., & Oswald, F. (2007, February). Gesund Älterwerden im gewohnten Umfeld – Eine Frage der Angebote oder der Mobilität? [Healthy aging in a familiar environment – a question of availability or mobility]. Paper presented at the VIII. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Gerontopsychiatrie und –psychotherapie, Mannheim, Germany.

Jopp, D., & Rott, C. (2006, November). Meaning in life and will to live: Assurance for positive adaptation in very old age. Paper presented at the 59th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America, Dallas, TX, USA.

Rott, C. (2006, September). Bewegung im hohen Alter – der Schlüssel zu lebenslanger körperlicher und geistiger Selbstständigkeit [Motor activity in very old age – the key to lifelong physical and cognitive autonomy]. Paper presented at the 10th International Conference of EGREPA, Cologne, Germany.

Rott, C., & Wozniak, D. (2006, May). Physical and cognitive functioning at the frontier of the human life span: A longitudinal analysis from the Heidelberg Centenarian Study. Paper presented at the 18th REVES meeting, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Rott, C., Wozniak, D., & Kliegel, M. (2006, April). Age-related vs. death-related trajectories of cognitive status in centenarians. Poster presented at the Cognitive Aging Conference 2006, Atlanta, GA, USA.

Jopp, D., & Rott, C. (2006, February). Adapting to resource constraints in extremely old age. Paper presented at the International Conference on Aging, Disability, and Independence, St. Petersburg, FL, USA.

Rott, C., Wozniak, D., & d’Heureuse, V. (2005, November). Age-related vs. death-related trajectories of physical health in centenarians. Paper presented at the 58th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America in Orlando, FL, USA.

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