H.I.L.DE.-QS - Measuring quality of care of gerontopsychiatric patients in the context of MDK quality checks

Project leader: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Andreas Kruse
Research Group: Dipl.-Geront. Inga Meyer-Kühling and Britta Wendelstein, M.A.
Funding: GKV-Spitzenverbrand Berlin
Partner: Medical Advisory Service of the German Social Health Insurance (MDS), Essen
Duration: 2014-2015


In this project an assessment to measure quality of life of demented nursing home residents will be developed further and evaluated. The aim is to implement an assessment which is applicable above all also for the evaluation of qulity of life in persons with dementia which are barely or not at all able to communicate verbally. Furthermore this assessment shall bei applicable into quality checks of the Association of the German Health Insurance Medical Service (MDK).

Basis of this intrument is The Heidelberg Instrument for Assessing Quality of Life in Dementia Sufferers (H.I.L.DE). The design and trail of the assessment will be performed in multiple sub-steps in cooperation with MDK assessors and professional caregivers in ten federal states of Germany.


-   Development of an assessment to measure quality of life of demented nursing home residents
-   Training of MDK assessors and professional caregivers to apply the assessment
-   Implementation of the assessment into the MDK  quality checks
-   Applicaton of the assessment in nursing homes for internal quality checks;
    awareness rising of caregivers for verbal and nonverbal emotional expressions of nursing home residents
-   Make a contribution to an individual and needs focussed care concept for demented residents of nursing homes

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