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Körber Symposia Potential of the ageing population

Principal Investigator: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Andreas Kruse

Project Team: Dr. Carolin Kollewe (Project Coordinator), Michael Bolk, M.A.

Project Partner: Körber Foundation

Project Description

How do other countries take advantage of the potential of older people? What helpful suggestions can we glean from such examples?

The objective of this cooperation between the Koerber Foundation and the Institute of Gerontology at Heidelberg University is to learn from international experiences and projects to encourage the creation of structures that allow elderly people in Germany to make an active contribution to society. The project aims to contribute to a positive perception of old age and the ageing society.

The Koerber Foundation plans to organize an annual symposium on the topic of the potential of the ageing population, with each symposium highlighting a particular aspect of this topic. National and international speakers present models of good practice that invite delegates to reflect, discuss and develop new ideas for application in Germany.

The Koerber Symposium on the “Potential of the ageing population” took place on November 24 -25, 2011 in Hamburg and focused on “Integration supported by Senior Citizens”. For further information consult the page on the Koerber Foundation’s website.

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Latest Revision: 2011-12-20