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B.A. Gerontology, Health and Care with option to continue to M.Ed.

Subject Student Advisory Service: Sebastian Ritzi


All essential information about the Bachelor's program can be found in the German flyer.

The study and examination regulations for the bachelor's degree program in Gerontology, Health and Care dated September 29, 2021 can be accessed here:

Detailed information (qualification goals, modules, courses, etc.) can be found in the module handbook, which is available in German:

All information about the Gerontology, Health and Care Master's program can be found here:


Special features of the bachelor's degree program

The B.A. program consists consists of a total of 180 ECTS and includes the following components of study:

  • Gerontology, Health and Care (subject share 67% / 101 ECTS).
  • General education second subject (subject share 33% / 59 ECTS):
  • Subject didactics, professional pedagogy and educational science (20 ECTS)

The bachelor's program in Gerontology, Health and Care can be combined with all bachelor's programs that provide for a corresponding course offering of 33% or 59 ECTS (including 2 ECTS of specialized didactics) in their examination regulations. These are at the current time:

  • Philosophy/Ethics
  • Protestant Theology
  • French
  • English Studies
  • Sports Science
  • German Studies
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Graduates of the B.A. degree are able to deal with the subject matter of the working fields of gerontology and the professional field of caring for people in a wide variety of care situations, taking into account legal, social and socio-political conditions and developments. They have a profound knowledge of the content, form and methodology of gerontology, psychology, nursing science, ethics and thanatology, geriatrics and (geriatric-)psychiatry, health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation as well as their related sciences. As a teaching related degree program, the bachelor's degree program as well ensures the foundations of professionalism and quality for professional teachers at vocational schools.

Information can be obtained from the student advisory service of the Institute of Gerontology and can also be found on the relevant pages on the Internet. Formal and content-related information on the general education second subjects can be obtained from the homepage of the corresponding institute or from the responsible study advisors.


The practical module

The B.A. includes a specialized practical module (Module10) and consists of six internship placements in the professional field of nursing. A total of 36 ECTS must be earned. The areas of care correspond to the diversity of care and support of chronically and acutely ill people in need of care in all phases of life. The specialized internships are to be performed in each case in the area of direct nursing/care in full-time and in at least four continuous weeks and conclude in each case with a written paper, which is evaluated. In each case, 5 ECTS are earned for the internship period and 1 ECTS for the follow-up written work.



All enrollment information can be found here. Please feel free to consult the advisory services in advance.

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